Meet The R.I.S.E Girls

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Ivy - The Confidante Friend


She’s the one that holds your secrets. You know the one who sees you at your worst and doesn’t hold it against you. She understands the messed up thoughts in your head yet encourages you to be better. You’ve learned you can really trust her because that one thing that you dished out with careful reservation was never heard again. In fact, unless you bring it up she doesn’t even mention it.

Ivy_face copy.png

London - The Connector Friend

She has the heart capacity to keep everyone together. She plans the outings, she sends the emails, she makes the calls to help us see the importance of staying in touch. The distance, the busyness of life, school or career will not impede on the relationship that began at a pivotal point in all our lives. She ensures that no matter what, even disagreements or disappointments, nothing will separate our bond.


Piper - The Conscience Friend

If we’re honest sometimes this friend can be a real killjoy. However, the side of us that wants to be correct loves the advice of this friend. Her high moral compass guides us to do the right thing especially in those hot-headed moments of pure rage. It never ceases to amaze me that without hesitation I will call this friend when I need a prayer, an uplifting quote or scripture. She’s the epitome of all things righteous. 


Nora - The Creative Friend


Whether it’s fashion advice, interior design or a craft night she is there with her artistic eye. Her colorful spirit matches her design aesthetic. She makes everything beautiful and is always so positive. Her energy and zeal help bring out in any situation. Whenever you leave her presence you feel joyful. 


Amelia - The Carefree Friend


There is never doubt or hesitation on whom to rely on for freedom, adventure, passion, and sometimes reckless behavior. She is the total sum of a gut-wrenching, thrill ride at an amusement park. Whenever she calls to hang out I am guaranteed a GRAND time. In fact, my life would be ordinary without her in it. She is the spice to a drab meal.