R.I.S.E. Pledge


I AM a RISE Sister,
Fearfully and wonderfully made,
Strengthened by the One Above,
Fulfilling my destiny, I must aim!

I have no time for foolishness,
I have no time for games,
There is too much for me to accomplish,
Many victories I must attain.

The world needs to see me,
Striving to be all that I can be,
Building up my sisters,
Tearing down negativity!

No Drugs! No Gangs! No Violence!
No teenage pregnancy!
I have set my standards high,
No weapon shall harm me.

There are no limits to my success,
With my sisters by my side,
I AM TODAY’s leader

© Mona M. Thompson

R.I.S.E Pledge - R.I.S.E Girls
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